The Comfy Hanger for Flights and Travel

The Comfy Hanger Footrest

The Comfy Hanger is a must have footrest for Long Flights!

So you may have heard about the new comfy foot hanger that's out there.  Well it's just as comfortable as everyone says it is.

The comfy foot hanger is essentially a foot hammock for long flights.  You prop your feet inside the hammock for a more comfortable experience.  

Long flights can really cramp your legs and make you feel downright uncomfortable.  Can you imagine being on a 6 hour flight with no leg room?  Let me tell you from experience it sucks. The properly distributed weight of the comfy hanger prevents lower back pain, stiffness, and leg swelling during long flights.

It is also very lightweight to carry around.  Feels like I'm carrying a towel in my hands because of how light the hammock is yet it's very durable and can hold your legs like its nothing.

Most footrests can often be too big to fit under the seat of a plane but not the comfy hanger.  It is designed to fit your needs well and will probably even make your neighbor jealous!

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